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 Art Off-Screen

Art Off-Screen is an international exhibition, organized by Eileen Jeng Lynch, of artwork and performances in outward-facing locations, so the work can be viewed from outside by the community. With pause orders during the pandemic, art has moved online and much of it is still behind closed doors. Art Off-Screen provides access to art beyond a screen, inspiring creativity, amplifying voices, encouraging change, and sending messages of hope and healing.

Entire Exhibition Period: July 18 – September 20, 2020.
Within this timeline, there is a roll out in phases (every two weeks) of more artists, so opening dates include: July 18, August 1, August 15, August 29, September 12

Meet the Artists
A Zoom call will be set up for each group of artists a few days before the next opening. Stay tuned for dates and times or email eileen@neumeraki.com.

Thursday, July 30: Zoom Conversation with Artists from July 18 Opening:
Cecile Chong, Sara Jimenez & Jason Schwartz, Tijay Mohammed, Natalia Nakazawa, Alex Paik, Liz Porter, Yohanna M Roa, Margaret Roleke, Carol Saft, Melissa Staiger, Christine Lee Tyler, and Virginia Inés Vergara

Location of the works are up to the artist. A map will also be created.

Inquiries will be directed to the artists, who would handle their own sales. At least 20% of proceeds go to the Artist Relief Fund, The Bail ProjectEqual Justice InitiativeNAACP Legal Defense and Education FundThe Loveland Foundation, or another cause of the artist’s choice. A limited quantity of postcards will  be created and sold in assorted packs of 10, which support the various causes.

Participating Artists with locations of the works
(List in formation. More details about the projects below.)

Ashton Agbomenou (NY)
Fariba Salma Alam (CA)
Natessa Amin
Keren Anavy (NY)
Tomie Arai (NY)
Kate Bae (NY)
Allen Thomas Ball (CA)
Austin Ballard (NY)
The Black Student Union of FIT (NY)
Bahar Behbahani (NY)
Liene Bosquê (FL)
Luisa Caldwell (NY)
Anna Campbell (WI)
Cecile Chong (NY)
Amanda Church (NY)
Maya Ciarrocchi (NY)
Liz Collins (NY)
Elisabeth Condon (FL)
Anna Cone (NY)
Esperanza Cortés (NY)
Priyanka Dasgupta and Chad Marshall (NY)
Jeremy Dennis (NY)
Serge Diakota (Democratic Republic of Congo)
An Duplan (NY)
Dominique Duroseau (NJ)
Yasmine ElMeleegy (Egypt)
Morgan Everhart (NY)
Ellen Hackl Fagen (NY)
Katya Grokhovsky (NY)
Amir Hariri (NY)
Duy Hoàng (NY)
Ginny Huo (NY)
Paul Hunter (NY)
Will Hutnick (NY)

Sara Jimenez in collaboration with Jason Schwartz (NY)
Ae Yun Kim (Korea)
Yashua Klos (NY)
Daniela Kostova (NY)
Nina Kuo (NY)
Jac Lahav (CT)
Juanita Lanzo (NY)
Linda Lauro-Lazin (NY)
JC Lenochan (NY)
Le’Andra LeSeur (NJ)
Le Hien Minh (Vietnam)
Wendy Letven (NJ)
LoVid (NY)
Stephen Maine (CT)
Amanda Marchand (Canada)
Mario Matoković (Croatia)
Juan Matos (FL)
Helina Metaferia (NY)
Geoffrey Owen Miller (NY)
Beatrice Modisett (NY)
Tijay Mohammed (NY)
Robert C. Morgan (NY)
Laura Mosquera (NY)
Nkembo Moswala (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Alexandre Kyungu Mwilambwe (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Natalia Nakazawa (NY)
Joe Nanashe (NY)
Loren Nosan and Christiana Lane (MI)
Alex Paik (PA)

Daniela Gomez Paz (NY)
Gelah Penn (CT)
Liz Porter (TX)
Michael Pribich (NY)
Amy Pryor (NY)
Armita Raafat (NY)
Padma Rajendran (NY)
Erika Ranee (MA)
Douglas Repetto (TN)
Yohanna M. Roa (NC)
Jaye Rhee (NY)
Margaret Roleke (CT)
Lorin Roser (NY)
Kat Ryals (NY)
Carol Saft (NY)
Annasofie Sandal (NY)
Yesuk Seo (NY)
Sydney Shavers (NY)
Tariku Shiferaw (NY)
Jean Shin (NY)
Tiffany Smith (NY)
Christina Stahr (NY)
Melissa Staiger (NY)
Rachel Sydlowski (NY)
Mary Temple (NY)
Christine Lee Tyler
Virginia Inés Vergara (NY)
William Villalongo (NY)
Jennifer Watson (NY)
Shoshanna Weinberger (NJ)
Adrienne Wheeler (NJ)
Gus Wheeler
Katie Westmoreland (NY)
Lilia Ziamou (NY)

Thank you to all of the artists who are participating thus far, Fashion Institute of Technology, Susan Inglett Gallery, Paradice Palase, Preservation Long Island, and Austin Thomas. More to come!

If you’re interested in participating in or partnering with Neumeraki in Art Off-Screen, please send an email with a proposal to eileen@neumeraki.com.

Neumeraki also thanks CNL Projects and Terrain Exhibitions in Chicago for their project Art-in-Place, after which this is modeled, and their support.

Join the conversation
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Opening today, August 1 (Click here to see works)

Fariba Salma Alam (Mojave Desert border, CA)
Natessa Amin (East Stroudsburg, PA)
Black Students Union of FIT (New York, NY)
Liene Bosquê (Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL)
Anna Cone (Newburgh, NY)
Jeremy Dennis (Southampton, NY)
Serge Diakota (Kinshasa, RD Congo)
Nina Kuo (New York, NY — East Side)
Juanita Lanzo (New York, NY)
LoVid (Custom House, Sag Harbor, NY)
Stephen Maine (West Cornwall, CT)
Mario Matoković (Croatia)
Beatrice Modisett (Ridgewood, NY)
Robert C. Morgan (NY)
Alexandre Kyungu Mwilambwe (Kinshasa, RD Congo)
Gelah Penn (West Cornwall, CT)
Michael Pribich (New York, NY)
Yesuk Seo (Brooklyn, NY)
Sydney Shavers (Brooklyn, NY)
Rachel Sydlowski (New York, NY)
Mary Temple (Brooklyn, NY)
William Villalongo (Susan Inglett Gallery, New York, NY)
Lilia Ziamou (Brooklyn, NY)

Opened July 18

Stay tuned for more updates!

Inquiries: eileen@neumeraki.com