Jeremy Dennis (b. 1990) is an artist and photographer born and raised on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation in Southampton, NY. Dennis received his B.A. in Studio Art from Stony Brook University and earned an MFA from Pennsylvania State University. Dennis most recently received the Dreamstarter Grant from Running Strong for American Indian Youth to pursue a project titled On This Site, an art and photography based research project of landscapes significant to indigenous history and continued presence from ten thousand years ago to the present.Dennis currently lives and works in Southampton, New York on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation.
If you found the artwork for sale,  please contact me directly to discuss price, shipping, and additional details.My contact information can be found at the bottom of the web page while browsing any of the artworks currently available. Click “Inquire” directly beneath the artwork or call the phone number  at the bottom of the page to contact me directly.Finally, if you still are unsure, you can always contact me at;[email protected] at +1-631-566-0486 to assist you.
For unique editions and prints, a signed Bill of Sale and Receipt of Sale will be sent to the buyer.For books and artist proofs, the object and receipt of sale will be sent by email or physical copy if requested.
For books, the fulfillment is generally one week.Unique Editions may have a two to three week wait period to produce and ship the work.
Yes! The images and books not available on the webs are likely for sale, but the site may not reflect that yet.Please use the contact form to inquire about works that are currently on show or for commission.
Typically, works are created in limited edition up to ten prints.With each higher number in the edition, the price increases.