Based upon power struggles recorded in Plymouth, Massachusetts during the early colonization of the United States. Images produced with volunteers in Ithaca, New York, during a 2017 artist residency at the Saltonstall Foundation of Arts.



One of the first apparent Christian triumps happened at Plymouth in 1623 when the Pilgrims prayed for almost a day for rain to end a drought that had withered their newly planted fields. Massasoit’s ambassador, Hobbamock, watched their services and wondered why they prayed for rain on a sunny, cloudless day. To his amazement,


 "the Cloud began to rise, and . . . the Raine fell in a most sweet, constant, soaking showre" (New England's First Fruits, 1643:5).
Ambassador to Massasoit - Sachem of the Wampanoag tribe who lived from 1581-1661

Hobbamock confided to one of the Pilgrims that he

“was smitten with terror that he had abused them and their God by his former hard thoughts of them; and resolved from that day not to rest till he did know this great good God”