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WyandanchMontauk Sachem, Ca. 17th Century – By David Bunn Martine (Shinnecock/Montauk, Chiricahua Apache) Copyright David Bunn Martine 2018.


Wyandanch was Sachem of the Montauketts during the 17th century, known for his alliance with English colonist and commander at Fort Saybrook Lion Gardiner. Wyandanch played a major role in Indian affairs throughout Long Island, serving as a mediator between the native and European cultures.



Wyandanch is born ca 1602.1

1637 – Pequot Massacre and Alliance with English of CT

In spring of 1737, the English waged a devastating war against the Pequots in present-day Mastic, Connecticut, nearly destroying them. Nearly seven hundred men, women and children were massacred that day.

Shortly after the Pequot Massacre, Wyandanch, a young Montaukett sachem, came to Fort Saybrook to negotiate an alliance with the English.2 They reached an agreement and Wyandanch joined the English campaign to hunt down the Pequots who were still in arms against the English.

One of the reasons that Wyandanch wanted an alliance with the English was because he knew that Ninigret, the Niantic sachem, wanted to bring the former Pequot tributaries on Long island under his control.3


Wyandance’s son Wyandanbone was born.4


Wyandanch receives tributary status from Mandush of Shinnecock while negotiating the outcome of the murder of Phoebe Halsey.5


Wyandanch death – Lion Gardener says he was poisoned.6

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