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Molly’s Hill

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Now leveled, the Molly’s Hill site is located in Springs where Fireplace Road and Gerard Drive meet; said to be named for Molly Pharaoh, Stephen Talkhouse‘s mother, who lived from 1819 to 1879.


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The plaque, located on the old Wigwam site, reads; “Molly’s Hill – The birthplace (1819) of Stephen Pharoah (alias Steve Talkhouse), location of his mother Molly’s wigwam.

Stephen Pharoah, commonly called Steve Talkhouse, was born in a wigwam on the side of a little hill where the old and the new Fireplace roads meet. He lived with his mother, Mary (or Molly) until as a lad he was sold to Col. Parsons of Fireplace for $40.00.

Molly’s wigwam was burned and for a long time afterwards, bones and stone and Molly’s broken cooking pot showed where the wigwam had been. When the road was cut through all traces of the place were lost, though people to this day call the section Molly’s Hill.1

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