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“My hope is that this project will create awareness of these sites and inform viewers, using the perspective of a Native American cultural vision and voice. This is where we once were, and are still here.”


dennis_jeremy_360x480 About Jeremy Dennis On This Site

Jeremy Dennis. Photo by Cristin Millet, Penn State.

On This Site is an art-based photography project by Shinnecock artist Jeremy Dennis. The purpose of this project is to preserve and create awareness of culturally significant Native American locations on Long Island, New York.

I’ve always been curious about how the Shinnecock people and reservation were able to remain on Long Island, so close to where one of the major arrival areas of colonization, and why we are where we’re located now, along with where we settled before our reservation. This project presents an opportunity to reflect upon archeological and oral histories to answer these essential culturally defining questions.

My hope is to create curiosity for all audiences, as it creates a dialogue between indigenous and non-indigenous people on Long Island, and legitimizes the Long Island indigenous population beyond their borders on reservations.

By presenting the archeological research in the format of photography, it presents to the public a new understanding of communal awareness and cultural enlightenment, which leads to cultural critique, historical inquiry, and educational development.




This project has been possible by the contributions of:

Professor John A. Strong

Retired Professor of history at51JTCJ8VM2L._SX326_BO1204203200_ About Jeremy Dennis On This Site the Southampton College of Long Island University. He is the author of The Algonquin Peoples of Long Island from Earliest Times to 1700, and his articles have appeared in Ethnohistory, American Indian Culture and Research Journal, and the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

John has worked closely with me to assist in research, advising and encouragement through his own work in this area.


Professor Lonnie Graham

lonnie2-e1456968679891 About Jeremy Dennis On This Site

Professor of Photography at Pennsylvania State University and a cultural activist whose work addresses the integral role of the artist in society. Professor Graham is the primary mentor and adviser for the project from beginning to end.


Running Strong for American Indian Youth’s Dreamstarter

rs About Jeremy Dennis On This Site

Running Strong for American Indian Youth believes in the dreams of young American Indians: creating stronger communities, overcoming poverty, and building a better tomorrow for themselves and their families.

Fifty years ago, Billy Mills achieved his dream of winning an Olympic gold medal, and since then, he has used that victory to help him give back to the American Indian community. To celebrate Billy’s dream and his leadership, Running Strong has created the Dreamstarter grant program to help the next generation of American Indian youth make their dreams come true.

Direct Graeme Sullivan

gs About Jeremy Dennis On This Site

Director of the School of Visual Arts at Pennsylvania State University, Sullivan has assisted in the formation of the project. The Pennsylvania State University is the hosting organization that allows this project to be done.



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