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On This Site Indigenous Long Island

On This Site is an art-based photography project by Shinnecock artist Jeremy Dennis. The purpose of this project is to preserve and create awareness of culturally significant Native American locations on Long Island, New York.

This project is made possible by the generous support of the national non-profit Running Strong for American Indian Youth. 


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Latest News

Please support Senate Bill S5701 which enacts the “Unmark Burial Site Protection Act”

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  • Enacts the “unmarked burial site protection act“;
  • requires the cessation of all ground-disturbing activities upon the discovery of a burial ground, human remains or funerary objects;
  • requires the reporting of such discovery to the local coroner;
  • provides that if such remains are more than 50 years old, the state archaeologist shall be notified;  
  • requires state archaeologist to determine whether the remains are of Native American origin;
  • provides that the lineal descendants or culturally affiliated group of such remains shall be notified and be given possession thereof;
  • establishes the Native American burial site review committee to provide for notice and disposition of Native American remains;
  • establishes criminal penalties for the violation of such provisions relating to the disturbance or failure to report the discovery of any such site, remains or objects;
  • grants the attorney general and aggrieved parties a civil right of action for the violations of such provisions; requires inquiry by state agency preservation officers to determine whether any proposed project undertaken, funded or approved by a state agency will disturb burial grounds.
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