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Artist Reception: Photographer Jeremy Dennis April 26th 5PM-7PM

The photographic works of Jeremy Dennis

on view April 21st – 30th

Artist Reception: Friday, April 26, 5-7PM
Refreshments will be served

The above photograph was inspired by this legend:
Manitou Hill, an Algonquian story based in Western Long Island.
During a great drought, the Manitou instructs a sachem, through a dream, to stand at the top of Manitou Hill and fire an arrow into the air, and on the spot where the arrow lands, he says the people should dig until they find water.
For Algonquian people, the Manitou is known as the unseen power throughout the universe, being present during moments of the miraculous and mysterious.
The people dug and the water spring that was found, called Mascopas, is now beneath a local high school athletic field.

Note: There was a pond at the foot of the hill called “Mascopas” according to local historians Iris and Alonzo Gibbs, which is under the athletic field of John F. Kennedy High School, Plainview, NY.

Stories bring people together. It’s how we relate to each other and overcome differences.
Jeremy Dennis is a master of visual storytelling. Born and raised on the Shinnecock Reservation in Southampton, he uses digital photography to re-imagine Native Americans’ legends and myths in striking, cinematic images.

WEBSITE: https://www.jeremynative.com/

Location: Community Room

More info at : https://www.amaglibrary.org/celebrate-earth-day/

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