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Rivers of Relations


The Rivers of Relations: Indigenous Binghamton exhibit seeks to communicate to its visitors context for Indigenous life in Binghamton, past and present. Indigenous people have a rich history in the region—dating back over 10 thousand years—and have lives and cultures that have never left the area, despite what is commonly taught and understood. This exhibit would like its viewers to shift their viewpoint of historical and contemporary Binghamton life away from that of a colonizer’s. Using Native art and artifacts, illustrations and a timeline of Native history, visitors will have a clearer understanding of what Indigenous life in Binghamton was and is. The exhibit will be up through January 2019

For the opening, Karahkwino-Tina Square, Mohawk of Akwesasne, will speak. Karahkwino-Tina Square is a Wolf clan Mohawk from the territory of Akwesasne. Independent cultural educator and performer. She worked for the Native North American Travelling College as a Cultural Educator providing cultural teachings, presentations and performances to audiences in and around Akwesasne educating people about the Hotinonshonni culture, stories, history, as well as traditional foods. She has also been a teacher of Mohawk language at the local high school. Her presentations are relatable and fun for all audiences.