Edgar Allen Poe on Daguerreotype

Edgar Allen Poe’s belief that photography is “the most important, and perhaps the most extraordinary triumph of modern science” along with being “delighted in what he considered the magical accuracy of the photographic images” makes me, as a photographer, more appreciative of my craft and purpose. He sees photography, and daguerreotype specifically, as a magical instrument to capture reality. Even in that day it must have been impressive to obtain such clarity in images, since today, the most common source of imagery many of us look at is from a cell phone which is much worse quality yet still acceptable …

Fashion shoot with Kelly

https://jeremynative.com/portraits/home/informal/kelly-2/ I worked with Kelly creating some great fashion type of images and portraits. This is the second time working with Kelly, but this time around we talked about what it means to shoot in a fashion style. Usually I don’t edit photos to be such high contrast, but she convinced me and it looks better than I ever expected!